Why Not Treat The Mother Of the Child?

Going through a pregnancy can really take its toll on a woman. Not only does she have to go through 9 months of unpredictable ups and downs, she aslso has to go through the often traumatic birth process.

After the baby is born she can rest easy … yea right!

Recovering from birth is another story altogether. if she chooses to breastfeed then she is probably exhausted from many interuppted nights of sleep.

This exhaustation coupled with the baby blues can really make a woman feel down and unworthy. They can feel like they are a stranger in their own bodies.

When the baby comes everyone fusses over it and poor mum who does all the work is treated as normal.

Now if you want to buy your wife or girlfriend a nice gift to cheer them up then you can do two things.

One: Buy her something that will make her fell better about herself. Perhaps a massage or a manicure or even perhaps a good self tanning lotion from your local drugstore.

Two: Give her the time to apply it!

Make her feel special, she’s been through a rough time as of late!




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